Eugene Lazowski was a Polish doctor who risked the death penalty to save Jews during the Holocaust by faking an outbreak of Typhus. He spread the fake disease across the town of Rozwadów, which the Germans had to quarantine. His actions saved 8,000 people from going to concentration camps. Source


Dress for elves - Vera Wang


Guess Who.

Yeah, it was a bad hiding place. We’ve hired this guy for the whole afternoon.

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idk how I feel about it, like I kinda want it and it’s cool to see something different but idk, idk if I wanna get it or not ;_;

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The only time which I would feel bestiality was acceptable… although it wouldn’t really be bestiality but technicalities.

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See you when the fog lifts.

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wolf playing in the snow

How majestic.

#the pack goes on vacation for winter break#and gets a cabin in the mountains together#and they realize derek’s disappeared#so they look outside and (via foxkings because omg)

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